6 Reasons You Should Pre-Record Your Next Webinar

Benefits of a Pre-Recorded Event

At Corpora Studios, we work with many different clients. Though event needs can greatly vary depending on the client, one factor typically remains the same: it is better to pre-record your webinar. We have all heard the adage to “expect the unexpected” but this warning is particularly true for event planners.

Operating in a virtual world, one of the best ways to prepare for the unexpected is to pre-record your webinar or virtual event in advance. Here’s just a few reasons to consider a pre-recorded stream for your next online event:

1. Edit Out Mistakes

When you record a webinar, you can map out every second of content before you hit the record button. If a presenter says something inaccurate, or there is an awkward pause, you can edit these mistakes to create a new polished version. Also by pre-recording in advance, you can splice in photos, videos or other special content to make the presentation more engaging and professional.

2. Re-record Sections that Didn’t Quite Work

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Pre-recording webinars also allows you to re-record! Not happy with how you delivered a section of content? You can re-record it and try again, or just swap out one segment for a new one. By pre-recording, you have the flexibility to change the final webinar how you see fit, which could mean re-recording a section or omitting it all together.

3. Add Effects, Graphics and More in Post-Production

With a pre-recorded webinar, you can edit the video content exactly how you want it. Maybe you want to add special filters, transitions or other effects to the presentation. As a rule of thumb, pre-recorded webinars will be more polished than a live version because you have time to add additional graphics and effects. These post-production additions enhance your branding and present a more polished image than a live webinar would allow for.

4. Feel Less Stage Fright

Some people experience anxiety when they speak in front of a live audience. For many of us, recording for a camera instead of a live audience lessens that anxiety. With a pre-recorded webinar, your presenter can be at ease and give a strong presentation without battling nerves. (Just be watch out for perfectionism and getting caught in endless editing, which can be time consuming and expensive)

5. Find a New Revenue Stream by Monetizing Certain Content

Similar to how associations allow vendors to give presentations or be a part of panels at conferences; organizations can also get “thought leader” sponsors to be a part of a webinar’s panel. Many traditional event models can and should be applied to the virtual events. A room sponsorship (like promotional ads or signage) typically provides an exclusive opportunity for one sponsor. For a virtual event or webinar, this sponsorship can be combined with content placement to create a very high-value package. It is important to note that there is branding associated not only with the actual live event, but also the promotion of the event. Therefore, by pre-recording your webinar, you could potentially monetize portions of your event with sponsorships or other promotions.

6. Leverage Your Existing Marketing Content Into Webinars

With pre-recording, you can map out how exactly you want to use the content created. You have more time to align your webinar strategy with your broader event marketing strategy. Because you can add content after making a recording, you can add whatever additional marketing content you want into the webinar. You are not limited by what could be presented during a live event.

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