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headshots to make an impression

What are your company’s employee headshots actually saying?

Your employees are the face and brand of your company and it’s vital to align this image with the rest of your company’s culture, branding, marketing and language.

A new startup’s conservative headshots may not match their Bay Area image, scaring away potential new hires.

A financial institution’s chaotic headshots may not speak to their polish and professionalism, building doubt in potential client partners.

All the marketing campaigns, brand guidelines and PR efforts can be immediately defeated by employee headshots that run in opposition to the message and image your company has worked hard to build.

It’s why our clients like the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons and the Association of Corporate Counsel have chosen us for their employees’ headshots.

When is it Time For New Corporate Headshots?

While partnering with corporate, non-profit and trade organization clients, we’ve identified five opportunities when you should invest in new corporate headshots.

New employees

If you’ve just hired new employees, especially in leadership, you’ll want them to feel as if they’re part of the organization. Ensure their headshots match their colleagues’ and welcome them to the team.

Company changes

When a company purchase, large organizational restructure or mission statement change occurs, corporate headshots can unify your team with cohesive images.

photo refresh

People and styles change! If it’s been more than two years since your previous round of headshots, it’s time to upgrade so your company doesn’t look stuck in the past. 

company gathering

Company gatherings are the perfect spot to capture headshots because everyone is in one place and dressed to impress. Use this opportunity to unify your brand image.

corporate rebrand

If your company has new design language or fresh branding, extend its impact to your team’s corporate headshots, unifying all of your communication and marketing channels.

The corporate headshot process

Our professional corporate headshots are 100% custom and tailored to your company’s branding and culture, taken by expert photographers who know how to communicate your brand.

Before the Shoot
We'll hold a brief discovery call or meeting, so we can develop an action plan that will deliver the look and style that fits your company. Our clients can also contract our Headshot LAB - a branded headshot station (with professional makeup artists!) often sponsored by corporate partners for the benefit of your live-meeting attendees.
During the Shoot
Our team will bring professional equipment to your office or event to perfectly capture your team’s best angles. Our team will expertly guide and photograph your team, working between meetings and conference sessions, if necessary. In less than 5 minutes per person, we will produce a quality headshot, respecting the importance of your team's time by providing a specific time slot for each team member.
After the Shoot
After the shoot, we use professional photo retouching and editing software to ensure your team looks their best. Providing you with high-res final images, you’ll have the cohesive, unified corporate headshots your team needs for LinkedIn, social media and the company website.

If it’s time to upgrade your organization’s corporate employee headshots, unify your brand message and communicate to your clients, vendors and potential employees who your team is, we’d love to partner with you and your team soon! Please get in touch with us today to learn more.