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If a picture says a thousand words, what are people saying about your brand? It’s time to own the narrative.
Are Your Events Going Virtual?

COVID-19 has turned our world upside down. Many organizations are moving their events and conferences online, and Corpora is here to help ensure their messages, brand, and community remain strong and consistent even on a computer screen.

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Working with corpora Photography

Choosing an event photographer can be challenging because portfolios can only tell you so much about their abilities and qualifications.

We’re proud to bring a level of creativity, consultation and flexibility that is uncommon in corporate event photography. Add in our understanding of the deadlines and pressure of events and our quick communication, and you’ll immediately see a difference.

Don’t take our word for it. Our clients can tell you more about their experiences while working with us.

Hiring a photographer for your next event is an important step in event planning and our eBook, 9 Things To Know Before Hiring a Photographer for Your Event, will help you understand every aspect of hiring the best photographer for your occasion.

If you’re ready to work with a team of photographers who can capture your organization’s events, get in touch with us now!

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Event Photography

Specializing in multi-day meetings and conferences, we also work dozens of seminars, VIP parties, galas and award shows every year. We realize that our event and marketing clients want their images to capture the spirit, engagement, enjoyment and success of their organization’s biggest events. This is what Corpora Studios does best.

We’ve partnered with corporate, non-profit and trade organization clients like ExxonMobil, American College of Surgeons, Association of Government Accountants, Public Risk Management Association, The Ritz-Carlton,  and many others, delivering professional, high-quality photographs at their meetings and events across the United States.

Our clients use their professional-quality event photos in recruiting efforts, internal and external marketing, website updates and social media.

event photographs that tell your story

Our corporate event photo process is broken into three parts: pre-event, during event and post-event—and each step is critical to producing high-quality, professional photography.

Before the Event
We’ll set up a call or meet with your team to understand the scope, scale and important factors of your event to determine timelines, strategies and your must-have photos.

A discussion of your organization's mission and style will also help us ensure that our imagery is on-brand and on-message.

By understanding what’s important to you from the beginning, we know how to plan our shots at the event.

During the Event
You’ll have enough to think about the day of your event, so let us handle the photography.

We know our clients sometimes like us to spark photo opportunities. Other times, our clients want us to be essentially invisible.

Either way, we’re prepared to photograph accordingly.

Throughout the event, our team will use creative methods and the information from our pre-event meeting to determine the photos we take.
After the Event
We know you’ll be excited to check out the photos from an event you worked hard to produce, so we will retouch and edit your photos to make your event attendees look their very best.

We provide you with a password protected online gallery, rights to the images and quick turnaround.

After your event is over, we’d love to continue our working relationships and partner on future events. That way, when your next event is coming up, you already have a photographer partner you can count on.

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It’s time to empower your PR and Marketing teams with custom photos that fit your company’s brand guidelines and communication strategies. At a time when we experience much of the world through visual images, it’s more important than ever to communicate the right meaning.

We’ve partnered with corporate, non-profit and trade organization clients like the Association of Government Accountants, the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases and many others, helping them tell their brand story and translate communication concepts into photos.

Our team is qualified to provide creative direction and ideas while working directly with your agency, PR or marketing teams to communicate the important messages you’ve identified.

See why our clients continue to partner with us on their PR and marketing photography in our portfolio.

The magic of bespoke imagery

Whether you’re undergoing a rebranding, promoting a new product or simply not getting results with stock photos and dated company resources, our team can provide both creative direction and professional-quality photos.

On Brand
Keeping your brand’s image consistent throughout every PR message and marketing campaign prevents your customers, vendors or potential employees from receiving mixed-messages. Using outdated photos or stock photos gives the wrong impression.
On Budget
Companies spend a small fortune on stock photo subscriptions that still leave them with images that don’t tell their brand story or communicate what they’re trying to say. Having your own photos created by the Corpora team offers a much better return on your investment.
On Message
Because Corpora’s marketing and PR photos are custom tailored to your campaign, brand or strategy, you can be sure they feature the people, products and photo style that match your goals.
  • Social media channels
  • Press releases
  • Websites and digital ads
  • Print and OOH promotions
  • Product launches
  • Events and conferences
  • Company leadership
  • Company facilities
  • Products and customers
  • Organization members
  • Clients and partners

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corporate headshots

Your employees are the face and brand of your company and it’s vital to align this image with the rest of your company’s culture, branding, marketing and language.

A new startup’s conservative headshots may not match their Bay Area image, scaring away potential new hires.

A financial institution’s chaotic headshots may not speak to their polish and professionalism, building doubt in potential client partners.

All the marketing campaigns, brand guidelines and PR efforts can be immediately defeated by employee headshots that run in opposition to the message and image your company has worked hard to build.

It’s why our clients like the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons and the Association of Corporate Counsel have chosen us for their employees’ headshots.

5 reasons to smile

While partnering with corporate, non-profit and trade organization clients, we’ve identified five opportunities when you should invest in new corporate headshots.



If you’ve just hired new employees, especially in leadership, you’ll want them to feel as if they’re part of the organization. Ensure their headshots match their colleagues’ and welcome them to the team.


When a company purchase, large organizational restructure or mission statement change occurs, corporate headshots can unify your team with cohesive images.


People and styles change! If it’s been more than two years since your previous round of headshots, it’s time to upgrade so your company doesn’t look stuck in the past.



Company gatherings are the perfect spot to capture headshots because everyone is in one place and dressed to impress. Use this opportunity to unify your brand image.


If your company has new design language or fresh branding, extend its impact to your team’s corporate headshots, unifying all of your communication and marketing channels.


Our professional corporate headshots are 100% custom and tailored to your company’s branding and culture, taken by expert photographers who know how to communicate your brand.

Before the Shoot
We'll hold a brief discovery call or meeting, so we can develop an action plan that will deliver the look and style that fits your company. Our clients can also contract our Headshot LAB - a branded headshot station (with professional makeup artists!) often sponsored by corporate partners for the benefit of your live-meeting attendees.
During the Shoot
Our team will bring professional equipment to your office or event to perfectly capture your team’s best angles. Our team will expertly guide and photograph your team, working between meetings and conference sessions, if necessary. In less than 5 minutes per person, we will produce a quality headshot, respecting the importance of your team's time by providing a specific time slot for each team member.
After the Shoot
After the shoot, we use professional photo retouching and editing software to ensure your team looks their best. Providing you with high-res final images, you’ll have the cohesive, unified corporate headshots your team needs for LinkedIn, social media and the company website.

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