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images that demand attention

choose between generic stock photos, or authentic, bespoke, on-brand imagery

It’s time to empower your PR and Marketing teams with custom photos that fit your company’s brand guidelines and communication strategies. At a time when we experience much of the world through visual images, it’s more important than ever to communicate the right meaning.

We’ve partnered with corporate, non-profit and trade organization clients like the Association of Government Accountants, the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases and many others, helping them tell their brand story and translate communication concepts into photos.

Our team is qualified to provide creative direction and ideas while working directly with your agency, PR or marketing teams to communicate the important messages you’ve identified.

See why our clients continue to partner with us on their PR and marketing photography in our portfolio.


Whether you’re undergoing a rebranding, promoting a new product or simply not getting results with stock photos and dated company resources, our team can provide both creative direction and professional-quality photos.

common subjects
  • Company leadership
  • Company facilities
  • Products and customers
  • Organization members
  • Clients and partners
common usages
  • Social media channels
  • Press releases
  • Websites and digital ads
  • Print and OOH promotions
  • Product launches
  • Events and conferences

on brand

Keeping your brand’s image consistent throughout every PR message and marketing campaign prevents your customers, vendors or potential employees from receiving mixed-messages. Using outdated photos or stock photos gives the wrong impression.

on budget

Companies spend a small fortune on stock photo subscriptions that still leave them with images that don’t tell their brand story or communicate what they’re trying to say. Having your own photos created by the Corpora team offers a much better return on your investment.

on message

Because Corpora’s marketing and PR photos are custom tailored to your campaign, brand or strategy, you can be sure they feature the people, products and photo style that match your goals.


Because every PR and marketing photo shoot is tailored to our client and their goals for the photos, we’re a collaborative partner in the photography process and we’ve identified three ways to get the most from these shoots.

Before the Shoot
Working with your team to learn more about the message and image you’re trying to convey, we also consider your brand guidelines and how these images will be used.
Assembling a plan, we’ll arrive the day of the shoot prepared with ideas and suggestions to help make the project a success.

During the Shoot
On the day of the shoot, our team will arrive with the proper lighting and equipment that will capture high-quality, professional photos.
Photographing products, buildings, groups or individuals require a specific approach to each and we’re able to provide ideas and creative direction throughout the shoot.
After the Shoot
After a successful photo shoot, our team will edit and retouch the photos and provide you with high-res images that you can use across your PR and marketing channels.

Are you ready to start getting results from your PR and marketing photos, aligning them with your brand guidelines and strategies? We’re eager to partner with corporate, non-profit and trade organization clients—and we’d love to meet your team. Get in touch with us today so we can begin planning your photo shoot!