webinars designed to captivate.
virtual events

or companies everywhere, webinars offer the solution to COVID-19 event cancellations and travel bans, enabling them to educate, inspire, teach and engage — no matter where their audience resides.

Greater reach

Virtual events can engage participants from around the globe, now accessible to audiences beyond your own backyard. 


In today’s era of Social Distancing, virtual events offer communities a way to continue gathering and connecting safely, without endangering public health.


Virtual events are more cost-effective than their real-world counterparts, allowing your organization to stretch budgets ever-further.

services for virtual events

Ask anyone who’s tried it. From technical snafu’s to disengaged audiences -producing successful online events is no easy task.

From Audio to Visual – and everything in between – Corpora offers a wide range of specialized services to ensure your webinar, online meeting, or other virtual event is one to remember – for all the right reasons.

how can we help?
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Annual Events
  • Training
  • Team Building
  • Sales Kickoffs
  • Panel Discussions
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Keynotes
  • Board Meetings
  • Shareholder Meetings
  • Sales Webinars
  • Lead Magnets
  • Client Meetings
  • Crisis Communications
  • Executive Updates
  • Incentive Programs
  • Appreciation Events
  • Product Launches

The Corpora Advantage

We bring value to your webinars through our vast experience, vision, and expertise.

We design our webinars to maximize return on investment. The vast savings on logistics, travel, lodging, and speaker fees over traditional, live events means that your brand can produce more frequent, higher-quality programming.

We’re happy to help.

Presenter Coaching

Corpora coaches executives and presenters on effective delivery, ensuring the webinar makes maximum impact—with minimal time requirements from internal event teams.

Peace of Mind

Event teams have suddenly become webinar pros, navigating the production and technical issues that always arise. Let Corpora lend its extensive webinar expertise for seamless events.

Pre-Recorded Streams

Pre-recorded webinars let presenters edit out mistakes and allow for additions like photos, videos or infographics. Polished, professional webinars can be this easy!

More Confidence

Presenters can record their webinar until they get it just right with coaching from Corpora experts, gaining a new sense of confidence that their message will make an impact.

Transparent Pricing

Know exactly what you’ll pay—and how much you’ll save over live events—with Corpora’s transparent pricing. To learn more about pricing for your webinar, get in touch with us here.

Library Creation

Your brand has a lot to say. We can help you organize and optimize your messaging. With recorded webinars, teams can build internal content libraries for future content creation, learning or reference.

how it works

There are endless details and logistics that must be managed to ensure your online event is a success. Corpora’s webinar producers track the planning along every step of the way, bringing their experience and expertise to design programs that avoid common pitfalls and capture your audience’s attention.

initial planning call

Let’s discuss your goals for your event, so we can work with you to build a program – including graphics, video, and presentations – that makes an impact.

presenter prep call

Working with a Corpora producer, event presenters prepare and review their notes, time codes and A/V needs to ensure a pitch-perfect presentation.

production  DESIGN

Make your event stand out with motion graphics, lower thirds, logo accents and transitions, implementing the deck into the presentation as needed.

review & delivery

After a thorough review by the editor and producer, final assets are sent for approval and shared in a format that’s ready to share during – and after – your event.